Fresh blessing from the Japan Sea

Sanin District is famous for its good fishing ports.
Sakaiminato is one of them representing Japan,
where many kinds of fish products are made instantly fresh fish is caught.
The fish is so fresh that the products are very tasty.

The culture of Kamaboko in Sanin

Kamaboko has been eaten since ancient times in Japan.
It is made by putting fish paste around a bamboo tube,
which looks like the “ho”(head) of a plant called “Gama”.
This is why it is called Kamaboko
People in Sanin District has been enjoying eating flying fish,
whose local name is “ago”, caught offshore.
They were grilled outdoor years ago, so Kamaboko is called Noyaki(grilled outdoor) .

Meeting HACCP, our factories produce safe
and long-life products.

Our factories meet the requirements of HACCP.
All the lines are operated by the through hygiene control system.
We send you safe and long-life products.

The delicacy of Sanin : AgoNoyaki

Agonoyaki is a noted special product made in Izumo Area from flying fish(Ago)
Please enjoy its size, touch and flavor.