August 1926
Established a private shop at 1122 Iya-machi, Higashi-Izumocho, Yatsuka-gun, Shimane prefecture
December 1954
Incorporated Jutaka Shoten and raised 3.5 million yen in capital
September 1961
Capital increased to 7 million yen
December 1963
Capital increased to 9.5 million yen
March 1970
Became Jutaka Kamaboko Co., Ltd.
Authorized capital increased to 50 milloon yen, and paid-in capital to 15 million yen
March 1972
Capital increased to 19.5 million yen
January 1978
Established frozen food sales division
January 1981
Registered Kaneta Food Co., Ltd. as a frozen food dealer
November 1982
Constructed head office factory in fishery processing complex (3548-2 Iya-cho) Total construction cost: 460 million yen
November 1991
Capital increased to 39 million yen
April 1995
Capital increased to 50 million yen
October 1997
Deployed rapid freezer equipment for frozen food
April 2011
Production begins on surimi (fish paste) manufacturing
March 2016
Deployed high-temperature high-pressure cooking sterilizers (retort kettles)
July 2017
Acquired international standard certification (FSSC 22000)